ICAT 2020

Intelligent Systems

Detection and Fault Prediction in Electrolytic Capacitors Using Artificial Neural Networks
Acelio Mesquita, Vandilberto P. Pinto and Leonardo R. Rodrigues
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Data Mining to Predict COVID-19 Patients’ Recovery on a Balanced Dataset
Priscila Valdiviezo-Diaz
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Machine learning model for the prediction of emotions in a mobile application
Pablo Torres-Carrion, Carlos Vicente, Yuliana Jiménez and Darwin Patricio Castillo Malla
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Constraint Programming for the pandemic in Peru
Willy Ugarte
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Categorization of tweets about the International Festival of Living Arts Loja-Ecuador using the KDT methodology
Ramiro R. Rivera-Guamán and Oscar M. Cumbicus-Pineda
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Detecting Xenophobic Hate Speech in Spanish Tweets Against Venezuelan Immigrants in Ecuador using Natural Language Processing
Raul R. Romero-Vega and Oscar M. Cumbicus-Pineda
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Chatbot for Technical Support, Analysis of Critical Success Factors using Fuzzy Cognitive Maps
Miguel Angel Quiroz Martinez, Segundo Estuardo Mayorga Plúa, Monica Gomez, Maikel Leyva and Daniel Plua
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Topic Identication from Spanish Unstructured Health Texts
Andrea Mena and Ruth Reátegui
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