ICAT 2020


Metrics Design of Usability and Behavior Analysis of a Human-Robot-Game Platform
Nayeth I. Solorzano Alcivar, Luis C. Herrera Paltan, Leslie del Rocío Lima Palacios, Jonathan S. Paillacho Corredores and F. Dennys Paillacho Chiluiza
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Storytelling digital: Experience and technology in designs of tele-collaborative projects in higher education
Elizabeth Ibadango-Galeano, Lizarda Vargas-Chagna, Mónica Gallegos Varela, Maricela Vélez-Meza and Esteban Placencia-Enriquez
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Gamification within the learning evaluation process using Ardora at the Salesian Polytechnic University (Guayaquil, Ecuador)
Joe Llerena-Izquierdo and Leidi Atiaja-Balseca
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